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My latest children’s book, Longfellow And The Deep Hidden Woods, is dedicated to Ginger.

Longfellow, the bravest and noblest wiener dog in the world…

As our story begins, Longfellow is a puppy learning how to be a good friend to his human companions, old Henry and Henry’s nurse Miss O’weeza Tuffy. By the end of the story, Longfellow has grown old himself, but he is still ready for one final adventure.

What happens in between is an unforgettable and heartwarming tale that throws a tender light on the difficult truths of loss and longing as well as on our greatest hopes.

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Longfellow cover

Here’s a sneak peek at our hero, Longfellow, and his person, Henry!

new_henry_03_2013 1







Rest In Peace

June 16, 1999 — May 17, 2013


Goodbye beautiful, sweet, and noble companion.
You enriched my life immeasurably.


Beautiful memorial over at the WagsNWords blog. Thank you Rubin!

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Hey there,

My name is Ginger The Dog. And this here is my website.

Lots of terrific stuff shows up here on a regular basis, so be sure to visit often.

Lets go for a walk together.

I’ll have my human, Richard, arrange that for us.

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Ginger And The Big Stick!

See how much fun I have all by myself.

Just think of the fun we could have together!

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